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Golden Birds Nest Sdn Bhd//

Established in year 2020 is founded by Mr. Teh, a truly experienced entrepreneur with over 30 years of experience in field. Year 2020 was totally a struggling period for most of the business owners not only in Malaysia, but globally. As for us in Malaysia, we faced our very first lockdown in March 2020. During this Movement Control Order (MCO), Mr. Teh had thought of how to preserve the health vitality through bird’s nest consumption and at the same time, create new business opportunities to those who suffered the impact during the COVID-19. And that is where our product “Stay Young” is born.

About Us

As the market is moving towards the trend of 5G, everything is all about speed. Whether in automobile industries to mobile communication technologies, from networking to processing, the faster pace you acquired, the higher chances the business will grow rapidly. The same concept applies to the core principle of the founder, where speed is crucial in determining the success of the company. Stay Young instant bird’s nest encourages more people to consume with its simple preparation and most importantly, consumers are able to obtain the nutrition at an affordable price.

There are two main simple concepts of the company, health and wealth. In terms of health, it is renowned that bird’s nest is proven to benefit us for better skin complexion, regulating respiratory system, and also an anti-aging agent. Along the way of preserving the health, we are able to preserve wealth by participating in the company’s simple and direct business module where we believed that the concept that will benefit to both parties. Health is the greatest wealth anyone will have in this lifetime.

Our Vision

To be internationally renowned producer of quality instant bird’s nest through a simple and fast concept.

Our Mission

To produce genuine bird’s nest product to ensure consumers benefit through our dedicated and trusted process.

How We Process

1. Processing of harvested bird’s nest.
2. gather birdnest
3. filter birdnest
4. Further separation of impurities from the various parts of bird’s nest. Manual select and sorting under magnification. Final impurities removal, sorting and cleansing. Carefully select and sort dried bird’s nest before delivery to factory.
5. Conduct quality checks on delivered bird’s nest. Final sorting of bird’s nest by factory to remove any residual impurities.